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Arrow Tibbs is an artist who most often concentrates on cats for subject matter. She is from Illinois, USA. She is attending college in pursuit of a degree in environmental biology with the goal of eventually working in a zoo.

She has been on several art sites, and served a stint as an administrator on Fur Affinity.[citation needed]

Characters and personas[edit]

Arrow Tibbs has gone through several personifications and has a multitude of characters.

Roki is her currently used persona, a hybrid of caracal, serval, and king cheetah. Roki is quirky, with large ears and eyes more suited to a nocturnal creature than a diurnal one. She isn't so much a character as she is a representation of the artist, although she is being used in a roleplaying game. Her coloration is primarily terra cotta (or tan in the winter) with a lighter belly the color of eggshells. Her markings can either appear reddish or black, depending on lighting and the mood of whomever is drawing her. Her markings are in fluctuation but are generally seen as dark ears with two lighter patches, a tear mark (as seen on cheetahs), a stripe on each cheek, and dark toes. Her eyes are dark hazel and can sometimes appear black. Occasionally she has backwards crescents on the backs of her feet. She is commonly depicted with Alkire, a green and white lynx created by nrr, Arrow's boyfriend.


Rebound is a cheetah with the power of super speed and a linear super-photographic memory. Very athletic, with all the downfalls that come with her superpower such as an enlarged heart and lungs, a problem with overheating, and great need for calories. Her distinguishing markings are an extended tearmark, black fingers and toes, and a belly marking that dips between her breasts. She has bright hazel eyes.


Shard is also a cheetah with markings similar to Rebound, only she is best termed as an inverse cheetah. Her fur is charcoal gray and her markings are white. Her belly --which is a regular belly marking in contrast to Rebound's-- is solid black and she has black and white rings on the tip of her tail. Her eyes are a light blue bordering on white and her pupils are constantly constricted, which renders her legally blind. Her mane is a certain shade of gray that appears blue most often, much like a blue jay. Being a psychic, she can get around this but cannot read, write, or even watch television unless she 'piggy backs' on someone else's vision, which she is loathe to do.

Acid is yet another cheetah, though he lacks spots. He shares the same markings are Rebound and Shard (those being the white toes, fingers, and extended tear mark) and has white tipped ears. His mane and eyes are both vibrantly green. He wears heavy welding style gloves buckled at the wrists to prevent a substance he secretes from his palms from leaking. The gloves are specially made, seeing as the substance is both highly corrosive and very toxic. As a result of secreting this he is immune to carcinogens, radiation, and most toxins because much of that is already floating around in his body. Unfortunately he must purge this substance occasionally or slowly suffer poisoning. Rebound, Shard, Acid, and several other cheetahs of Arrow's creation are featured in a story Glass Eyes which is currently on its fourth revision.

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