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Arloest is a panda character in the webcomic Jack. She is introduced in the arc Dinner at Arloest’s as a clairvoyant who runs a restaurant and makes personalized fortune cookies for the patrons. David L. Hopkins, the creator of Jack, stated that Arloest is a guest character in his webcomic, and belongs to a his friend.[1]


Arloest was one of many of Drip's victims, and one of the few who survived. Following her release she became obsessed with wanting to control her own destiny. When she realized this was not possible she hung herself and went to Hell. She was given ESP so she could see her future and control her fate. However, Hell had played a trick on her, for the gift was useless in a realm were time was irrelevant. Fortunately, Drip was forbidden to harm anyone in Hell that he had also harmed in life, unless they came willingly to him.

Arloest sold her soul for a chance to return to earth with her Hell-acquired gift to see the future. Once again she was foiled, this time by her own ambitions. When she was restored to life she found that she didn't want to know her future. Instead, she learned to control her Future Sight and used it to help others.

She consciously made the mistake of saving the lives of two people by helping them avoid a cataclysmic highway accident. She did this knowing Jack would find her when he came for them and found them still alive.

Jack had no choice but to hand her over to Drip. In his infinite cruelty, Drip caused her to forget the friends she made in her second life, and only allowed her to remember her promise to never forget them.

Later, Arloest was freed by Jack and Farrago under the technicality that his restoring her life was a violation of the rules, and therefore her contract with him was null and void. Freed from her bondage to Drip, her soul was reincarnated along with Virgil as her fraternal twin.

Drip swore revenge, and used his own son Fnar to seek vengeance.


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