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Arkloyd is a furry from Richmond, Virginia. Born in 1976, but only having 'been' Furry since 1994, it wasn't for a few years that he'd found the online elements and realized he'd stumbled into a subculture. Arkloyd can be found at Tapestries, FurryFaire, Lejardin Mystique and most recently, Furry Muck.

His art can be found on Fur Affinity and is open to free distribution, as long as credit is given to him for its creation.


Arkloyd, as a character (except, currently, on Tapestries), exists in a low-tech world reminiscent of the Real World Dark Ages, as a mercenary. Skilled with the flail, and wearing scale mail, he's not at all omnipotent, and nowhere near the skill level of 'Anime Godling' most MUCK players in free form environments play themselves as, but is still of 'veteran' status. In most worlds, the character's left eye is missing due to violence in his past. However, FurryFaire MUCK's rules don't account for the missing eye, as he also has a 'gift' of 'Regeneration' which would cause it to grow back. In MMORPG terms, he's a 'Tank', able to absorb ridiculous amounts of damage and come back for more.

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