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Arizona Fur Con (edit)
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Arizona Fur Con staff
Arizona Fur Con guests of honor

Arizona Fur Con 2013 was the first Arizona Fur Con convention. It was was held over October 11 - 13, 2013, in the Embassy Suites Phoenix - Scottsdale hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.[1]

The theme for 2013 was "Cowboy Campfire".[2] 533 people attended the convention.[3]

Guests of Honor[edit]

The Guests of Honor were FurPlanet,[4] with additional "special guests":[5]

  • Krista Campbell, who is known for her costuming work in the traveling Broadway shows, including Disney's The Lion King, Mamma Mia & Cats.
  • Dimitri Davis, a professional screen writing consultant.
  • Rukis, an noted artist and writer known for her work within the fandom.
  • Myenia, a noted artist within the fandom.
  • Laura Garabedian, a noted artist within the fandom.
  • Wicker, owner of and the creator of Telephone.


Events included panels and workshops, gaming, Masquerade, a dance contest, Fursuit games and a themed cafe.[6] Themed Cafes were described as "a very popular event in the anime convention community and we are excited to merge this event over into the furry community [...] This years theme will be a My Little Pony; "Pinkie Pie Cafe Party.""[6]


Pre-registration was available by March 2013.

Arizona Fur Con 2013
Full event Badges Prices:

$35 until 4/15/13

$45 until 6/15/13

$55 until 10/9/13

At door $60[7]

Arizona Fur Con 2013


The convention chair was Trick (Danielle Kemper).[8]


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