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Aristide Network
Author(s) Owners: Logansryche, Sage



Status Online
Genre Gaming Community
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Aristide Network is a Minecraft gaming community based in the United States, and currently resides on Adultcraft. The community was founded by Logansryche and his wife Sage. The community consists of a village, mall shop, and underground railroad that streatches from the village to other furs home that don't want to live in the village. As of June 1, 2017 all other mention of the origional Aristide Network including the server and discord have been shut down.

The Village[edit]

The village at it's current size is 65x91 blocks and includes a cafe, tavern, a fandom remberance center, LGBTQ memorial, a printing press, cartographer, book repository, casino, crafting hut, green house, Underground Railroad, and underground storage. The village was completed on June 1st and is considered it's birth date and inception.

Village Rules[edit]

  1. No Griefing or Theft of players items
  2. Be respectful of all players on the server
  3. No Racism, Homophobia, or otherwise offensive speech
  4. No harassing other players on the server


The mall shop is 19x47 blocks and takes up 2 stalls in Adultcraft's Mall. The shop is set up as communial so everyone who's part of Aristide can sell in it.

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