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Arilin Thorferra is a macrophile author, having written over a dozen stories. While these stories all feature macrophile tropes, they vary substantially in genre and theme. Nearly all feature giantesses, although not all are explicit.

The character is the owner of the popular FurryMUCK hangout, The Giants' Club. She is a giantess herself, standing eighty feet (twenty-five meters) tall, although if you ask her she may tell you she's just under six feet high and the rest of the world is on doll scale.

Arilin first appeared in a horror story called "Cheating at Solitaire" as the villainess. Her FurryMUCK incarnation is considerably more social, having created the Giants' Club as a place for people of all sizes to meet. She also teaches at BFCC, BigFurs Community College (a shared world setting with several stories written in it, archived at the BigFurs forum site).

Most of her stories are available on her web site. Starting in early 2011 Arilin has also begun posting to FurAffinity; while some stories are duplicated in both places, most of the stories on her web site are not on FA yet and some pieces--particularly shorter vignettes--may appear only on FA.

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