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Argyron, also known as Underwear Purr Box, is a furry writer from Colorado, USA.[1] He, at one point, resided in Los Angeles, California.


Argyron's fursona is a black panther with a chain of spots along the upper left arm. The color of his fursona's eyes change based on the artist's preference.[1]

Convention attendance[edit]

Argyron is most commonly seen at BLFC since volunteering in 2017,[citation needed] and has attended the following conventions:


Argyron's first uploaded works appeared on Yiffstar in October of 2007 and featured a mixture of heterosexual and homosexual erotica. After a few years, his storytelling would shift to completely homosexual works usually featuring characters of his own creation. One of the leading disappointments with Argyron's fanbase[citation needed] is that he has never completed a full story series, with many abruptly ceasing to continue as he moves onto another idea. Since his first story, he is known for releasing maybe one story a year.

Argyron has had two short stories published by FurPlanet.


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