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Argon Hamilton, real name Andy Baker (born William Andrew Baker October 27, 1953 - December 22, 2009) was a male centaur on both SpinDizzy MUCK and FurryMUCK. He described himself as a "Southern Gentleman, hailing from the SE corner of the United States."

Character Description[edit]

Argon was described as a large, white clydesdale-like centaur with golden hair (often in a ponytail), mane, tail and feathering. He stands at 8'6" tall, prefering human measurement over that of what is used for horses. When confronted with his equine anatomy, he proudly espoused his trademark speech of how he was 'horse-like but not like a horse'.

SpinDizzy MUCK[edit]

Argon was, until the time of his passing, the chief editor of SpinDizzy MUCK's newspaper, @Action News and was the significant other of Mavra, who he married in a SpinDizzy MUCK session.[1]

Argon's Centaur Site[edit]

Argon maintained a website dedicated entirely to centaur-related artwork and stories, known as Argon's Centaur Site.[2] Due to the archetypical description of centaurs as sensual and sexual creatures, much of the artwork hosted depicts unclothed male and female centaurs.

The website is no longer hosted today; all that remains is an archived version.


On January 3, 2010, it was reported on the SpinDizzy MUCK LiveJournal community that Argon's player had passed away after several months wrought with health problems including a stroke.[3]


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