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The Beatlewolf otherwise known as Reymond St. James or Rey (born September 21, 1995) is a furry cartoonist, pixel artist, musician, and writer living in Los Angeles, California.


Rey was born on September 21, 1995 and at age four, discovered his love of Herbie the Love Bug and Thomas the Tank Engine. This was also the time he started drawing, making crude representations of two Thomas characters. During 8th grade in middle school, he discovered the furry fandom through a friend named Mikka and in 2008 formed the basis of his fursona. He is currently starting college after his 2013 high school senior year.

Rey continues making cartoons for himself and his friends primarily on his Deviantart and Furaffinity galleries and also enjoys roleplaying through Skype. He is an avid musician, playing piano, guitar, and drums as well as singing. He is also currently in a relationship with fellow FA and dA user Amy Cynthia English.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

As above, Rey first caught wind of the furry fandom around 2008, when a friend and Deviantart user named Mikka introduced him to some furry art. Since then, Rey has been refining his fursona ever since, utilizing an art style similar to Mikka's. It was also around that time that he began IMing fellow furries on Skype. He has never attended a furmeet or convention ever, on account of no time and his parents not letting him.


Rey has gone through four different incarnations of his fursona, all of them being grey wolves.

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