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Aresues is a furry writer who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He is the author of 'Shades of Grey', his first story series, which revolves around his character, Shayde.

About Aresues[edit]

Shayde at Fremantle

Aresues came into the fandom late December, 2008, where he spent the first 6 or so months almost inactive. He discovered the fandom through the art of Foxxfire, and then on through Athus Nadorian. Since mid 2009, he started writing stories about his fursona, Shayde, and has commissioned many an image of Shayde, as well as several illustrative images of his stories. He attended Anthrocon 2010, where he debuted his Shayde fursuit.

The Stories[edit]

Aresues' stories revolve around Shayde, and his job as a bounty hunter, and are set in a mythical world called Tayuna. He has also written two past stories for Shayde, and one each for Xani and Samiake. A second Samiake-centric story ties into the end of Shayde's Story Chapter 5, and paves the way for the next chapter.


Shayde and Xani forced to fight.
The four dragons from the series. From left to right; Glayce, Nocturne, Jade, Firolf.

The Good (well, not the bad)[edit]

  • Shayde is Aresues's main character, and his fursona. He is a black and yellow Labrador Retriever, who wears black pants and a red bandana around his neck. His bandana is treated with powerful cleaning chemicals, allowing it to clean off and protect the wearer from damage, including acid.

Shayde is a bounty-hunter, and uses a katana as his weapon, which is revealed to have been treated by alchemists to resist most forms of damage. He is the main focus of Aresues's first five story chapters, entitled Shayde's Story. His parents were killed while he was a pup, and he harbours a deep hatred of tigers, due to his parents' murderer being a tiger. At the end of To Live By The Sword, he is killed by his own katana, drenced in acid. He is now reunited with his long-dead parents in the Deadlands, but wishes to return to life.

  • Samiake, or Sam, is an otter character, and Aresues's secondary fursona. Samiake is a shadow manipulator, and uses a pair of clawed gauntlets to attack fully with shadows. He is a grey otter, with black fur on his chest, forearms, and under his tail. He has a silver tattoo on his forehead, which darkens to black when he activates his full power. He also uses a longbow, and is a sniper. He carries a deep secret that he will do anything, including killing, to protect. During To Live By The Sword, his secret is discovered by Chris, but Chris swears to secrecy. It is revealed that he is a Necromancer; possibly the last one alive. He tried to keep this fact hidden, for fear of retribution.
  • Xani is a female red husky character, and the presumed love interest of Shayde. She is introduced in Shayde's Story, as a theif who steals a priceless gem. She is revealed to be a slave to Glayce, and asks for Shayde's help in freeing her. She uses a long staff as a weapon, which is topped with a blade, similar to a sword, and the staff can split in two halfway down the shaft, giving her a shorter staff-blade and a blunt weapon to use. Her staff is revealed to be able to resist damage, due to being treated by alchemists. She is also the daughter of a rich family, but she is the sole heir of the fortune. She possesses a high degree of physical and mental strength, but, due to her long year of slavery, she tends to let her emotions cloud her judgement.
  • Nocturne is a black and white dragon, and he rules the Tayunian underworld, known as the Deadlands. He is telepathic, yet he possesses a voice. He reveals that his voice carries vast power, so he communicates telepathically. He is capable of dimentional travel and supposed shadow manipulation. He protects and guides the dead, making sure they do not get hurt. he is a very compassionate dragon, and feels sorry for those who die before their time. Though he is the dragon of death, he cannot restore life...he only protects the dead. His meare presence in Desperation And Beyond was enough to render Samiake powerless, and he was able to knock Jade unconscious and harmless in seconds.

The Bad[edit]

  • Glayce is the main villian of Shayde's Story. He is a frost dragon, and is capable of breaking his body down into frost to avoid all harm. He is captured by Shayde at the end of Chapter 5, but is killed in the last part of the story. He also appears in Family Ties, where his enslavement of Xani, and the imprisonment and murder of Xani's brother, Brian, are revealed.

He reappears in Deathly Threats, where he is attempting to overthrow Nocturne. He is currently experiencing a personal hell; being trapped in a featureless, bakingly hot wasteland.

  • Slate was a grey wolf, who acted as an enemy in three of the stories. He was a psychopath, with a very limited temper, and he fought using daggers and his fists. He is finally killed in Chapter 3, after almost killing both Shayde and Xani. He also appears in Family Ties as a minor foe, trying to rape and murder Xani. He is defeated quickly by Brian.

He also reappears in Deathly Threats. He has been cursed to feel unendurable cold for his crimes of rape and murder. He is set to help Glayce overthrow Nocturne, and he also hopes to exact revenge on Shayde for killing him.

  • Firolf was a sand dragon, introduced in Renegade, as a senior officer in the Mesa Rescue mission. He was a sarcastic, sneering character, poking fun at all those around him. He was revealed to be a spy in the army, and responcible for the deaths of Josh and Lopar. He was later killed by Samiake after the latter used his full power to rip him in pieces. Firolf had the power to manipulate sand into all forms.

Like the other major antagonists, Firolf appears in Deathly Threats. His power has been reversed; he cannot control sand anymore, as it instantly turns to glass when it approaches him. He stays near a desert, constantly tormented by the sands he cannot touch, and is willing to help Glayce and Slate overthrow Nocturne, so his power will be restored.

  • Jade is a small green dragoness with the power to emit and control acid, and to camoflage herself. She has a Napoleonic attitude, meaning she sees herself superior to others. She appears in Tiger's Eye, and is knocked out when Zeng forces her to swallow her own acid. She reappears again near the end of To Live By The Sword, where she attempts to kill Shayde and Xani. It was due to her living acid-dragon puppet that Shayde dies. She is rendered unconscious when Nocturne enters the live world to collect Shayde's body.
  • Yampii was a jackal who worked alongside Samiake in Keeping Secrets. He was a very serious character, but also very evil, feeling no remorse at killing a diplomat, and pinning the blame on Samiake. He learnt of a dark secret Samiake is keeping, and is killed because of it. He possessed arm braces that emitted concussive blasts of energy, capable of repelling objects, or blowing holes in them.
  • Max was a dust-brown kangaroo, breifly seen at the end of Keeping Secrets, and introduced fully in To Live By The Sword. He was part of the group that conspired to kill Shayde and Xani, the other members being Jade and a female Golden Retriever. He used armbands that gave him telekinetic powers. He is killed by Chris towards the end of To Live By The Sword.

Current Stories[edit]

Below is a list of stories Aresues has written, in chronological order, and a brief summery of each.

  • Shaydes of the Past 1 tells the story of Shayde's childhood, where he suffers a huge personal loss on the night of his ninth birthday, with the murder of his parents, Kibroy and Amanda.
  • Shaydes of the Past 2: Tiger's Eye is set six years after the previous story. Shayde, now fifteen, has closed off his heart to those around him, and he harbours a grudge against tigers. He is forced to confront the demons of his past when a tiger warrior shows up, who is related to his parents' murderer. Features a cameo role by Dragon-Knight
  • Renegade introduces Samiake, an otter breifly met in the first story. Samiake keeps a secret from those around him, and when he is betrayed by a fellow solider, he unleashes his full fury on the unfortunate victim, and he makes some tough choices along the way. Features a cameo role by DS-Rio
  • Family Ties, although set before Renegade, is a direct prequel to Shayde's Story. It tells of Xani's past, and how she ended up as Glayce's slave. Features a cameo role by Huskyfan5.
  • Shayde's Story 1-5 is the main story-line, and follows Shayde, now 23, as he tracks down a theif who stole a priceless artefact from the city. He follows this theif to a small country village, intent on getting revenge for an unfortunate accident, but the theif turns out to have a few problems of her own, and pleads for Shayde's help in setting her free. Features a cameo role by Tomgreen.
  • Keeping Secrets follows Samiake as he tries a new job as a mercenary. Set during Shayde's Story 4 and 5, Samiake is once again betrayed by a work-mate, and must make a deadly choice when his darkest secret is revealed to his foe. Samiake shows a new aspect of his power, and hunts down his errant work-mate to keep his secret safe. The end of this story links into Shayde's Story Chapter 5.
  • To Live By The Sword continues directly after Keeping Secrets and Chapter 5. Samiake and Shayde are reunited, and a little light is shed on Xani's past. Shayde, Xani and Samiake team up with a sword-wielding mouse named Chris to try and rescue Xani's mother, and keep Samiake's secret safe. When a mysterious kangaroo shows up, he proves a slippery foe. But when a foe from Shayde's past returns for revenge, things go from bad to deadly in moments, when Jade proves that size really doesn't matter in battle.
  • Desperation And Beyond leads on from the previous chapter, with the fallout of Shayde's death. Samiake, Xani and Chris try and deal with the loss, while Shayde learns what happens to those who pass on. Samiake tries to find a way to bring Shayde back from the dead, and his secret is revealed to those around him by the appearance of a powerful new creature; Nocturne, the ruler of the Deadlands. Chris and Xani face off against a vengeful mother, and Samiake tries to exact revenge on Shayde's killer.
  • Deathly Threats explores more of the Deadlands, reintroducing a few past foes, shedding light on their current situations. Samiake leaves to gather some friends to help rescue Shayde. Ace, Zeng and Rio all agree to help, and the group enter the Deadlands. Meanwhile, Shayde and Kibroy duel, with interesting results.

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