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ArcticWolf (also known as Rhadmor Aleksander, or Rhadmor/ArcticWolf, in real life Jacek Paweł Serwach; born August 22, 1989) is a furry who is co-creator and co-administrator of the Collar and Leash Discussion Forums. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, but he prefers not to be called Warszawiak (the word for all those from Warsaw).

ArcticWolf believes that he was a wolf in his previous life. He is a member of the FinFur and FurryItalia forums, and He also has accounts on the F2F and forums, but rarely logs in.


When ArcticWolf first realised that he was a furry, his fursona was an anthropomorphic hybrid of dragon, pokemon Mawile, human, vampire, and elf.

When he fell in love with Lady_Wolf, he became an anthropomorphic wolf, and, as of 2007, his fursona is a 187-centimeter-tall arctic wolf, who has the ability to change gender in every moment and situation, just as one would change a t-shirt.

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