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'The Architect of Sleep is a novel by Steven R. Boyett. Published by Ace Books in 1986 with the ISBN 0441029051, it is listed on the author's website as "Alternate-evolution story that assumes primates didn't make it, but raccoons did."


The first part of a projected trilogy; incomplete as published."[1] It details the travels of a man lost in a land of anthropomorphic animals, guided by a female raccoon with whom he learns to communicate. Many furries consider this novel to be one of the staple original furry novels.[citation needed] Boyett has put himself at some pain to distance himself from any such category.[citation needed]

The story abruptly ends, and no sequel exists in public print. The next volume, The Geography of Dreams, was bought back from the publisher by Boyett after an editorial dispute. According to the author, it is unlikely the continuation will be published.[citation needed]

The frequently asked questions that formerly appeared on Steven R. Boyett's website[2] included :

The Architect of Sleep
Where's the rest of THE ARCHITECT OF SLEEP?

In a box in my closet. For the longest time I've had every intention of finishing it, but thanks to the existence of (and the kind of mail I get from) furries, I've changed my mind.

The Architect of Sleep

Prior to this (as of July 2007), his website indicated he might someday complete and publish the story.[3] More recently he made even stronger negative comments about furries[4] in response to queries about the novel.

The Architect of Sleep was published fully for the first time in July 2021 by Centipede Press, in a signed edition of 400.


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