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Archeus' fursona as drawn by foxenawolf.
Archeus' fursuit photo taken by Furshoot at FWA 2013.
Archeus' fursona as drawn by Lingrimm working in her FlurryDyne Lab.
Ledoux's fursuit photo taken at Furnal Equinox 2013.
Ledoux's fursona as drawn by foxenawolf.

Archeus, also known as Archeus Ledoux‎, previously as Archeus Ledoux‎[clarify] (born February 26)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.[2] She first entered the furry fandom in 2012, after attending a Nomicon meet off of the KyFurs website.

Fandom involvement[edit]



Archeus' suit was created by Soki Twopaw and debuted at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013.

Ledoux's suit was created by Monoyasha of Dream Vision Creations and debuted at Midwest FurFest.

Conventions attendance[edit]

Video appearances[edit]


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