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Arcania Nyetro.

Arcania Nyetro (born 1984) is a furry from North Carolina, U.S.A. He has attended FA United and FurFright 2008.


Arcania's fursona is a chubby female Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). She is often dressed in worn-out jeans and bellyshirts (revealing her pouch) and the lab coat of a Mad Scientist. Her companion 'Glitch' is a small robotic dragon.


Arcania was attracted to the furry community in 1996 by his interest in anthropomorphic animals. Having a life-long interest in cryptozoology and an unfilled childhood dream of becoming a scientist, Arcania was able to use the furry fandom as a forum to roleplay a Mad Scientist who is the owner of Livewire, a fictional lab hidden under a nightclub.

Livewire produces a number of sci-fi products that "push the limits of science and technology often with 'interesting' consequences".

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