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Arcana Heart is a Japanese arcade 2D fighting game ported to the Playstation 2 by Atlas. The player is able to chose from eleven maidens to do battle. In addition, an arcana can be chosen with the maiden to grant the player special bonuses in battle.


Long ago, the Elemental world and the Human world were joined - but a some point in the distant past, they split. Fast forward to the present day, the Ministry of Elemental Affairs (MEA) protects the boundary between both worlds; if both are joined again, humanity may not survive the outcome.

In the skies above Tokyo, a dimensional rift is beginning to form. Because of this, the boundary between the two worlds is in danger of collapsing. Only the Maidens, young girls with the ability to communicate with Arcana can prevent this from happening.


In Arcana Heart's character lineup, there are two that may appeal to furry fans.

  • Konoha is a half human half canine girl who is descended from a clan of ninja. Konoha was chosen to assist the Thousand Years Protecter deal with the crisis affecting the human world. Konaha tries to hide her canine features (dog ears and tail) from others but they tend to pop out when she gets excited.
  • Lilica is a half human half demon girl. Her demonic features (powers and wings) are inherited from her father. Lilica does not seem too bothered about the current situation.


Arcana are beings that live the the elemental world, they grant their abilities to the maidens during battle. Several of the Arcana are non-morphic beings, but still communicate with their chosen maiden nonetheless.

  • Moriomoto, the Arcana of Nature; an anthropomorphic plant who lends Konoha his power.
  • Tempestas, the Arcana of Wind; a non-morphic bird who grants Lilicia his power after she nursed him back to health when he was injured.
  • Lang-Gong, the Arcana of Fire; the spirit of a wolf.
  • Niptra, the Arcana of Water; an ancient fish.

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