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Arashi no Yoru ni (あらしのよるに?, lit. English: One Stormy Night, Italian: Amicinemici), is an animated movie that tells the story of the friendship between a goat (Mei), and a wolf (Gabu). It is 110 minutes long.

The movie is in Japanese and there are apparently no official translations. Ayu completed an English fansub. An unofficial English redub of the movie is available on YouTube (Link), as well as a Japanese version with subtitles (Link). Stormy Night Redub Team composed a complete English-language fan re-dubbing. SNR Team's dub was available via YouTube and Megaupload, but starting circa 2012 the dub seems to be only available via torrent (see External links section below).


Gabu hugs Mei

The Goat Clan[edit]

  • Mei - Mei is the central goat character of the movie, who befriends Gabu the wolf.
  • Tapu - Tapu is the slightly older brother of Mei. He is somewhat of a braggart but also a coward.
  • Mii - Mii is a young female goat who is also a friend of Mei.
  • Grandmother - Mei's Grandmother raised him after his mother was killed by wolves when he was only a young kid.
  • The Goat Elder - The Goat Elder is the leader of the goat clan. Old, decrepit, and green with age, he suffers from a persistent cough and is carried everywhere by the rest of the herd.

The Wolf Pack[edit]

  • Gabu - Gabu is the green wolf character of the movie, who befriends Mei the goat.
  • Giro - Giro is the Alpha wolf of the pack. He hates goats with a passion after having lost his left ear and had his left eye damaged by one.
  • Barry - Barry is the Beta wolf of the pack. He is the best tracker wolf of the pack, and sports red mohawk fur along his spine.
  • Zack - Zack is the smallest and most hyperactive wolf of the pack, who is often in the company of Beach.
  • Beach - Beach is one of the larger wolves of the pack who has a missing right eye and wears a patch over it as a result.

Television cut[edit]

The movie appears to be cut for TV. Every few scenes, the picture is faded to black, as if for a commercial break. However, later on in the movie, the breaks come at varying locations, indicting that it is not a commercial break point, but an overly long transition.[citation needed]


  • Mei is a Japanese onomatopoeia for bleating as of goats or sheep
  • Gabu is a Japanese onomatopoeia for chomping or gobbling (food)

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