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Apiligo is a furry artist whose fursona is a Western Silver Dragon. Apiligo has been part of the furry community since roughly 2002. His dragon fursona is one of many characters he uses, which range from anthro dragons, horses, herps, and even a playful alien. Apiligo plays on Second Life as Apiligo Skirr.

Fursona background[edit]

Apiligo has been a misunderstood dragon much of his life. Originally from the foot hills of Scotland, Apiligo has been seen in Africa, Germany, Russia, India, and even the deserts of Mongolia, in search for the white sands he used to contruct glass objects.

One adventure lead Apiligo into a heap of trouble. He was captured by a small group of African natives after they had added a small amount of Taka Root to his meals. Under the influence of this tropical narcotic, Apiligo was tortured and raped by the tribe, who mistook him for another, more agressive dragon.

Apiligo was beaten to within inches of his life, and almost bled to death after his wings were chopped off, leaving only a pair of small bloody stumps and leaving him scared and broken before his rescue in 1949.

Apiligo now resides back in the foothills of Scotland, working on a pair of artificial wings to regain his ability to fly. Apiligo not only longs for flight, but also a companion to live happily with.

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