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The Apathetic Furs was an idea for a joke group suggested by furry artist Brian O'Connell on 28 October 2000.

The suggestion was in response to an email (copied to alt.fan.furry) that former furry artist Eric Blumrich submitted to The Brunching Shuttlecocks, concerning a recent article by this site regarding furries. While most saw the humor in the Brunching Shuttlecocks piece, they considered Eric's Burned Fur "We speak for furry fandom" attitude out of bounds, which they expressed in their responses to his AFF post. O'Connell, taking a page from the creators of the "Baked Furs"' decided to express his opinion of the matter in the form of another (fake) "ideological group", fighting back the Burned Furs' interferences in the fandom.

According to O'Connell, the simple "statement" of this group was: "Yes, you too can say 'Fuck it all' with the best of them... Join together under the banner of anarchistic apathy, to say 'Fuck you, and fuck them, stop ruining MY fun!'...". Of course, the idea for this group never went past the "suggestion" stage.

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