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Walter Albrecht, also known as W.A. the Anum, theAnum, Leon Darkheart or just W.A. (born on November 6, 1987, in Germany), is a multi-talented creator which created already pen and papers, games, music, and artwork in his past. He's a more unknown member in the fandom because of is over-realistic nature and his more honest view of opinions. In private, he's a kind person and helps a lot of newcomers and artists out, giving them hints and helps. Walter does his "work", so he writes and says, not for any fame but for "free and as a hobby". Still, he tends to rage about some topics, like Patreon artists and topics alike, but at the end with an understandable reason.

In the past, Walter created games like "The King of the Rings", an RPG game which is based on one of his younger pen and paper game creations. He later moved on created the bases for the today from him known artwork universe Anum Chaos, created other minigames and music. Nowadays, he mostly creates "easy" digital artwork based on his traditional artwork and some games like remakes of the classic Spy Vs Spy game from 1984, a mini version from Bomberman or "Daredevil" - a homage from games like "Berzerk".

He still creates sometimes music and other stuff but mostly he creates artwork or said games. Lately, in his journal posts around his accounts, he writes about he suffers about "health problems" but he never actually said what kind of said problems those are. Walter also wrote that he is "unable to work coz of that" which created different rumors about his health status.

Anum Chaos[edit]

Anum Chaos is an artwork-universe created by "Walter Albrecht", a more traditional based artist and creator of music, games and like. He created said universe around 2005 and still draws content around and about it up to the day. Back in 2005/06, the official name was "Anum Chaos 1 1/4" which was a joke at games and series like Super Mario 64. Later in 2007, Walter just changed it into "Anum Chaos" and is using a dark tribunal-like looking sign for it which he mostly uses on his artwork or pages too. The word "Anum" is an assembled word which comes from "ANimal hUMan" and is based on the old names from the class-system from Phantasy Star Online which basically used the same word assembling system.

Original background[edit]

"Anum Chaos" was originally intended as a new game created from Walter Albrecht himself after his creation "The King of the Rings", another game based on a Pen and Paper game he created long before said Anum Chaos. Wile, he created background artworks, scripts and simple sketches for the game, he became stuck in the progress and found himself loving the work he's doing with it more than creating an actual game about it. They are still hints about the game and plans in the older game The King of the Rings where you could ask a furry-like looking character in a bonus room which gives you a hint about an upcoming game from Walter but he never released more than some old trailers of battle animation tests and tease trailers on his youtube account. The game "the King of the Rings" self seems not longer downloadable since of the close from the webpages Walter offerd his game downloads.


Walter created a lot of characters which he counts up as his main characters and some as side characters. Based on his Artwork universe, his created furry characters are his main-, other characters more his side characters. His main characters are

  • W.A. the Anum - A orange furry fox character with a black tail tip and white fingertips, based as his fursona and original the hero of the Anum Chaos game which never came out.
  • Faly - A female orange furry vixen character and the mate from W.A. Shes based on the same design W.A. has just as female.
  • James "Icehand" (River) - A dark-blue furry fox character which is mostly drawn as a dark and emotional person and known as a bounty hunter.
  • Sonja River - A red furry vixen character which is the half-sister from James and known as assassin and fire magician
  • Black Flame - A black furry fox character which is created as an older friend for W.A.
  • Katrin Daimand - A white-yellow furry vixen character which is created as a secret lover for W.A.
  • Shard - A female black/white-furred female skunk furry character which works together with Katrin Daimand in a barbershop.
  • Lindia Favian - A female brown/light brown furred raccoon character which works in the "Siam-ran" restaurant.
  • Amanda - A female huge breast-sized purple/white-furred female wolf character which works in the "Wind-rhythm Club" (dance club where W.A. works too) as strip girl.

As side characters which, for the most part, have barely any background story nor profile, Walter counts up the following characters:

  • Lucky Lynx Lady - She appears as a special character since 2012 every Friday the 7th - Walter means that is the "Lucky" day.
  • Bad Luck Kitty - She appears as a special character since 2009 (?) every Friday the 13th - Walter means that is the "Bad luck" day.
  • Easter Bunny - She appears as a special character since 2009 (?) around the easter time.
  • Lil Blue - She mostly appears in James story or kind of. Kind of James child (?) or adopted child.
  • Pony Walter "D." Belmont - Walters OC from the "My Little Pony: FIM"- universe. Kind of a mix between "Pony and Castlevania" looking Pony - remember (from the look) at "Hugh Baldwin" from the Castlevania series.
  • Little Ninja - A character Walter drawn before his furry characters. Appears still sometimes in his artwork.
  • R.A. - W.A.s brother
  • Somber - A black bat-girl Walter often draws in the Halloween time. She also appears in James story. The original owner is one of Walters close friends.
  • Sparks Epsilon - Sparks Epsilons character and main Fursona, a male Cubi Skunk with 3 pairs of wings. The original owner is Sparks himself, one of Walters close friends.
  • Klara Epsilon - Sister from Sparks, a herm cubi Skunk with 3 pairs of wings. Appears mostly in Falys' story. The original owner is Sparks.
  • Sora - A Bat-skunk girl. The original owner is Sparks.

Next to these characters, they appeared 3 other characters which are a bit out of place next to his usual, furrier characters which are:

  • Lemina Lemming - A character based on the game "Lemmings" with the usual green hair and human-like skin and long muzzle-like looking face and black pupil-only eyes. Its a character Walter created based on the lesser known fact that female lemmings in the lemmings game series only appear ones as enemies to actually kill the Lemmings and not as good characters at all. He created Lemina as more cute female (and sometimes sexy) lemming.
  • The Spies Fuse and Ms. Fire - Lately, Walter created somewhat like a "distance" to the fandom and created himself something like "Spysonas" in form of "Fuse" and "Ms. Fire", two spies based on the Mad Magazine comics and games "Spy vs Spy". Wile Fuse is the male Black spy, Ms. Fire is the white counterpart for him. Walter wrote down, that he feels way more "in touch" with said created characters and draws those also from time to time or uses them as avatars or like. He created some background info for this characters and used them for his game remake for the Spy vs Spy game he created too.


Walter began to record and create music around 2003. His music style often changes between emotional instrumental, dance, house to synthwave or even vaporwave nowadays. in the past, Walter used a synthesizer to play and record his music, nowadays using various computer programs for the special vocals or effects. In 2008, Walter won with his album "Wings of an Angel" a music silver award.

Furiotic stuff[edit]

Since 2007 Walter draws an adult furry themed series which he calls the "furiotic" series. [1]. Since 2009 He uploads homemade "Furiotic"- movies via Secondlife which he creates mostly with one of his online friends he friendly calls just "Faly", which also poses as model for adult pictures in Secondlife and gives him some pictures to upload on his accounts or she upload them herself on her PH account which she seems to own with Walter which he also links on his new webpage.


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