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Author(s) Owners: Sinabu
Status Online
Launch date Feburary 16, 2010
Genre Web Services, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Game Hosting
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AnubianHost, Is a full featured web hosting service run by a furry by the name of Sinabu. Although not inclusive to just the furry community AnubianHost provides web-server hosting for many sites of furry conventions, furry communities such as forums, and many artists within the furry fandom.



  • PHP and MYSQL Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL

Server Information[edit]

The Anubian servers according to IP address lookup are hosted out of Chicago, Illinois at a SingleHop datacenter. The servers host a wide variety of file types with no filetype or size restrictions. Users may choose to use FTP or Cpanel to access their websites. Wordpress is optional as a pre-installed upgrade. Users may choose to use shared cloud hosting or dedicated hosting. Users must purchase or bring their own domain names. There are no limits to the number of domain names that may be attached to one account.

Cloud hosting comes in several tiers:

  • Starter: $7 a month, Disk Space 15GB, Bandwidth 250GB
  • Deluxe: $10 a month, Disk Space 25GB, Bandwidth 350GB
  • Advanced: $13 a month, Disk Space 35GB, Bandwidth 450GB
  • Ultimate: $19 a month, Disk Space 55GB, Bandwidth 750GB
  • Pinnacle: $25 a month, Disk Space 150GB, Bandwidth 2.0TB

Hosted Sites[edit]

Hosted site entries will be limited to only those relevant to this Wiki. Incomplete sites ommited. Data was captured 9/22/2015 and performed using Data Neighbor lookup of the anubian servers. Private and dedicated servers underneath AnubianHost may not have been captured using this process.

Conventions and Gatherings[edit]

Communities and business[edit]

Artists, Muscians, and Writters[edit]

Personal and Blog Sites[edit]

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