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Raika Castillo is a deishling character created by Elec. She is the younger sister of Beebi Castillo, and has appeared in several stories including Void of Illusions and Void of Illusions II. Her age also occasionally varies from story to story. She is most commonly seen as a preteen (10-13) and a young adult (18-22).


While her brother's special abilities weren't apparent until he was almost 12, Raika's were revealed when she was barely two years old. Her parents were horrified at this and were about to get rid of her, when they learned of an experimentation program. They dropped her off at the laboratory where these experiments were taking place. There, she was infused with the DNA of an ancient dragon known as Orochi.

The idea was that Raika was to serve as a guardian of an unknown organization. However, even at this early age, Raika refused to have her life laid out in front of her. After using her warp (teleport) ablility to evacuate the building of every living thing, she used her lightning attack on some chemicals before escaping just as the building exploded.


Antiraika is a Deishling created by Mavrickindigo in his roleplay on VGmusic.com entitled "VGmusic RPG Hero Tournament." She was created when Raika Castillo left her old body for a phoenix body. She was previously injected with a serum containing energy from a chaotic being known as Antidoom. Antiraika appears in mysterious times, always holding an orb that contains Antidoom's soul and was prominently featured in VGmusic RPG Hero Tournament 2:Tournament of Legends, again created by Mavrickindigo. Her appearance is that of a white Raika but with mannerisms and abilities opposite. She is impervious to ice but vulnerable to fire but also holds powerful ice spells. Antiraika was killed during the RP in a battle and was revealed to be a shadow of Raika.