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Author(s) Vinnie D.

AntiBunny is a webcomic by Vinnie D. about rabbits living in a city called Gritty City. The comic runs two different story arcs at a time, one of which features Pooky and company and the other which features Nailbat. The Nailbat stories are set several years before the Pooky stories. Occasionally, there will be random gags that do not feature any of the other characters.


  • Pooky Bunny, an antisocial, angry, chain-smoking rabbit. Pooky always wears a hat and never likes it to come off. (S)he once worked as a reporter, but (s)he was fired for his/her infatuation with Nailbat. His/her real gender is unknown.
  • Hannibal, Pooky's adopted brother. Hannibal often tries to appear 'goth' but he is really a good-natured rabbit. He wears a collar around his neck and has silver fur. He loves Penelope but is currently dating Piago, her older sister.
  • Penelope, a female rabbit. Because she reads sermons from the 'Book of Peter,' Nailbat calls her the 'little preacher girl.' Her younger sister is Penny. Her older sisters are Petunia and Piago.
  • Mors/Nailbat, a comic book fan who runs into death on day and sees that he will die in a year and seven days. Having seen the reaper's scrolls, he is able to see the death date of everyone, and, while not able to prevent his own death, can prevent other people's deaths. Until the day of his death, Nailbat is virtually immortal. He uses his powers to fight anti-rabbit hate crimes, most of which are machinated by the mayor, Mr. Malphas.
  • Dee, the grim reaper of rabbits. He is the reaper Mors ran into and also introduces him to his situation. Dee is punished for interfering in the mortal world, and has not made an appearance since.
  • Mr. Malphas, the human mayor of Gritty City in the Nailbat stories. Vinnie D. has described him as being 'smarter than Kingpin, but not Lex Luthor.' He hates 'lesser creatures.'
  • Knell/Furi, knell is a female rabbit who is tortured by Malphas. She has a split personality, which she sees as a person who is stalking her, called Furi. Furi is a master assassin, but she shares Mor's death date.
  • Darkness, one of the oldest superheroes. He can take any form, but upon meeting Nailbat he takes the form of a rabbit. He was convinced to be a superhero by Strongo, the first superhero, but disappeared after World War II.

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