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eFudd (also known as AntiAntiFur, Bazookabomb, Henry, and TheMaskedAvenger) is one of the many aliases of a nonfur who has had some run-ins with Crush Yiff Destroy's founder, Mitch, who "ETERNA-BANNED" him from CYD's forums.


Crush Mitch Destroy![edit]


While using the "eFudd" alias, he was banned for life by Mitch in January 2006 for 'unhealthy levels of anti-furry hatred' and 'annoying up the place', after posting a forum thread in which he petitioned to change the CYD mascot (Rankin (character) the raccoon[1].

This lead him to create in May 2006, under the alias 1, the website Crush Mitch Destroy![2], which was, by "1"'s own words "This site, is a complete parody of Crush Yiff Destroy!." New members were welcome in under the assumptions off:

  • "1.) You got sick of leaving under the dictator ship of Mitch and his goons."
  • "2.) You thought you could find others with the same interests."
  • "3.) The Admin is going to allow lots of insulting gestures, vulgar comments and humiliating artwork based on Mitch."

On one of his posts there, he mentioned he had posted (under the alias "bazookabomb,") a number of detrimental YTMNDs, featuring the forenamed Mitch, furries, SantaBot.com, and Angry Puritan[3] (the last YTMND is now a 404 file.)

By the end of October, 2006, the site was still operational, with a member count of three: "The Amazing Malcontento," "Alvero," and "1" himself.

Impersonating Mitch[edit]

After the CYM project, he followed it up by creating, in early July 2006, a user account on the Furry-Furry.com message board with the same username as Mitch's LiveJournal alias (tinpot_messiah) and icon, which also listed CYD as the user's homepage, thus giving the impression to a casual user that it was in fact "Mitch" himself.

Using this fake account[4], he made several posts on the yiffy subsection of the message board. This bogus account was then linked directly to Mitch's article page on WikiFur, with the intention to suggest that Mitch was working undercover on the Furry-Furry message board to create mayhem, thus trying embarrass him.

This came to naught when he was identified with the help of one of Furry-Furry.com's moderators, who provided Mitch the necessary IP address to match it to an IP address eFudd used while being a CYD member.

Minor confrontations[edit]

Around this same time, he made and posted several more YTMNDs lampooning Mitch under the alias of TheMaskedAvenger, plus a "portrait' of Mitch[5] on the Jack forum, under the "BazookaBomb" alias.

Final conclusion[edit]

It has been suggested by other members of CYD that his only intention while a member there was to try incite others to acts of net violence or vandalism ("Hey, when did we ever give a fuck about how CYD looks to furries or Wikifur? I say we do what we want, its not like they can stop us.")[6]


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