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Anthro Sketch Exchange is a "Secret Santa" style quality controlled sketch exchange for anthropomorphic or "furry" characters. Anthros do not have to be anthro in the "human-like" anatomy sense, they must simply have human expression to them. As of August 2011, the community is watched by 246 accounts.[1]

  • Address:   anthrosketchxch
  • Founder: presumably MalaikaWolfcat[2][3]
  • Administrators: MalaikaWolfcat, AzianWolfDoll and Mahrkale
  • Ran from/to: 2007 May 12 - present


Applications are accepted year round and are judged on an American Idol system where the applicant must receive 3 out of 5 "yes" votes to be accepted into the community. Anthrosketchxch accepts sketches and speed-paintings to full colored works. While sketches and the like are all that is required, artists are allowed to do as much work on their piece as they would like. Sign-ups are posted on the 20th of each month and close on the 1st of the following month.

Sketching in Conservation[edit]

A fundraising actitivty took place in 2008 and 2009, as described by a moderator:

Anthro Sketch Exchange
In 2008 anthrosketchxch together with support from some of the furry art community banded together and participated to help us raise money for Amphibian conservation. This year, we're repeating the project. In 2009 AnthroSketchXch will be sketching in conservation to help raise money for the Sea World and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.[4]
Anthro Sketch Exchange


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