Anthros & Dungeons

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Anthros & Dungeons
Author(s) Christopher Gilman, Pascal Mailhiot
Update schedule Daily
Launch date 2002
End Date Continuing
Genre Action-Adventure, Fantasy
Censor MA button.png

Anthros & Dungeons is a webcomic created by writer/webmaster Christopher Gilman, aka Goliath Wildcat, and artist Pascal Mailhiot, aka Goliath Thunderstep.

The strip has scenes that include graphic violence, as well as some nudity and implied sexual themes. Additional artwork featuring the characters, some of which is adult in nature, is available on the website.

Plot synopsis[edit]

This comic tells the story of six anthropomorphic characters ("animorphs") who live in a world dominated by humans and where animorphs are enslaved. They left their former lives behind and formed a group destined for various adventures, in a Dungeons and Dragons theme. As of early 2006, the group is still becoming familiar with one another and their primary objective is evading pursuit by their former masters and various other parties.


  • Hugues (male skunk, 19) is the cleric and informal leader of the group. He was raised in a monastery where, though technically a slave, he was never treated as one. His master there foresaw the day when he would be needed to meet and organize the others into the group.
  • Jacynth (female rabbit, 18) is a rogue. She is not physically strong but is said to be very good with her hands. She escaped after often attracting unwanted attention in her former master's home.
  • Karel (female panther, 20) is the group's sorceress. She is quite shy, and was used for vile experiments by her former master until one day she unwittingly discovered her own abilities, killing him in the process.
  • Mikael (male bear, 22) is a bard. Formerly the "dancing bear" of a gypsy troupe, he was forced to labor for them and was severely abused by them prior to his escape.
  • Peklakot (male lion, 23) is a warrior and the strongest physically of the group. He was forced to fight as a gladiator for 8 years before escaping.
  • Vincent (male wolf, 25) is a ranger. He knows the ways of the woods and is talented with bow and scimitar. His master, who treated him well, was killed by thieves and he now fears being accused of the act.