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anthroguy101 (born September 28, 1992, in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA), is a furry writer, vlogger and filmmaker who resides in Lee's Summit, Missouri, USA. He has been a college student since August, 2011 at the MCC-Longview, majoring in Business. anthroguy101 is an investor[1] and the founder and CEO of Freemarket Solutions & Holding, LLC.

Though he resides in Missouri, he identifies with the state of Minnesota and since August 2013 participates in furry events over there.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

anthroguy101 has been a member of the furry community since Fall 2008. He has written poetry on Fur Affinity and stories on SoFurry. He also makes furry-related videos on his YouTube channel.


anthroguy101's fursona is Jeremy Sly Foxx, a pink and blue fox with rainbow claws. He is also known as the "angry straight fox."[3]

anthroguy101's generic username allows him to switch fursonas without changing accounts. Prior to being a fox his fursona was Henry, a white labrador with a star on his eye. [4]

Convention attendance[edit]


anthroguy101 has devoted more time to filmmaking and makes regular posts to his YouTube channel on various topics.[5][6] His channel is divided into six different categories, of which "furry" is listed on the bottom. Despite this, his most popular videos have suiters in them.


On May, 2013, was suspended from attending KCFur events over threats and accusations made on Twitter stemming from a tweet that Maria Paprika[who?] considered to be sexist.[7] After being made aware of this, he drove to Des Moines and back to clear his mind, apologized to the group [8] and decided to avoid sending public messages over the Internet until that suspension is lifted.

He later clarified that he would only communicate through creative outlets, and that he would not promote his work on any social network.[9]

After this, he went back onto his social networks and criticized the group's leadership for its decisions and the motives behind it. He stated that he would attend their annual barbecue only to find out that his suspension still had yet to be lifted. He did not attend.

anthroguy101 believes that the suspension and the events leading up are an attempt at character assassination.[10] Because of this he is attending events in Minnesota instead.


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