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Anthrofest (edit)
Anthrofest 2006
Anthrofest 2007

Anthrofest staff
Anthrofest guests of honor

Anthrofest (was also known as the International Anthropomorphics Festival) was a non-charitable, social club, anthropomorphic-themed convention that was first held at the Doubletree Plaza Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Anthrofest was a registered Association within Quebec, under the business name Festivale Internationale de l'Anthropomorphisme.

The goal of this convention was to provide a smaller alternative to largely-populated conventions and also to provide programming that focuses more on entertainment aspects rather than workshops, providing more of a "Mardi Gras" atmosphere. It was also Eastern Canada's only "standard" furry convention, following the reprogramming of C-ACE to a less furry-related format.


  • Cnipur founded the convention with some of his friends in early 2005 and served as convention chairman in 2006. He also served as chairman in 2007.
  • Prplhaze and BabyTiger have both been directors since the convention started in 2005.
  • Emberlyn Whimsy was the fursuit director in 2006 and 2007.
  • Anthro Wolf was Director of the Art Show in 2006.
  • Rithnok was director of security during 2007.

Regular staff during 2007 included Xzion, Arctic Wolf, Viper Half-Dragon, Mapdark and DarkCougar.


The first Anthrofest was held from August 11 to 13 in 2006 and had a total attendance of 100 people.[1] Firestorm Six was the "Artist of Recognition" guest. Graveyard Greg was the scheduled "Comic Creator of Recognition", but had to withdraw. Finally, Noble Wolf was the "Fursuiter of Recognition". 13 fursuiters marched in the fursuit parade.

The second edition was held from July 27 to 29 in 2007 and had a total attendance of 111 people, with a highly unusual attendance of 20 fursuiters for that 111 in attendance, most likely due to the many events dedicated especially to fursuiting. It was once again at the Doubletree Plaza Hotel. Palladinthug was the "Artist of Recognition". Furbo was the "Costumer of Recognition". The event was covered by the Montreal Gazette.[2]

Plans for a third convention in 2008 were frustrated by a lack of good hotel opportunities. In early 2008, organizers intended to find a hotel for 2009.[3]

As of 2 Aug 2008, the domain expired and was picked up by a domain squatter. [4]


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