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Bob Nelson (born February 2, 1962) is a furry from Massachusetts who has created several websites devoted to clean macrophilia and microphilia. His characters are Anthrocoon and Mike Rowe Fox. In addition he created stories about a world named Wodlen populated by 70 foot tall raccoons, foxes, and so on; two Earth astronauts land on the planet and are befriended by the likes of raccoon Arkody and fox Ungorp. Nelson has been a disk jockey at WMWM in Salem, Massachusetts since 1981 and has done live call-in reports from Anthrocon, Anthro New England, and Furpocalypse. He has led panels at Furpocalypse and Saturday Morning Contoons and has recorded convention panels on audio and video.


Anthrocoon is a 100-foot tall, or macro, anthro raccoon. Originally known back in the mid-1990s as "Rac Cooney", his new name is a pun based on the furry convention AnthroCon, which Bob has attended every year.

Anthrocoon comes from a planet where furries reign and are all roughly that size. He came to Earth in a space warp while trying to develop a teleportation device. He is a kind sort who usually dresses in a red T-shirt and shorts.

Mike Rowe Fox[edit]

Mike Rowe Fox is a four-inch tall, or micro, anthro red fox. He was a resident of Lilliput who later wound up in the "normal sized" world when developers turned Lilliput into a resort for average-sized furs, causing him to flee the island.

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