Anthrocons convention turns city into 'real zoo'

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Anthrocons convention turns city into 'real zoo' is the title of an article which appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Saturday, July 7th, 2007.[1]

Written by Mackenzie Carpenter, the article describes events at Anthrocon 2007. As red fox fursuiter Greifer (misspelt "Griefer" in the article) bounds past, Carpenter talks about the convention with Anthrocon press-spokesman John Cole. Cole explains that furry fandom is a lot tamer than suggested by some media reports and CSI, with furries being interested in such things as Bugs Bunny and Garfield cartoons, Japanese anime, and science fiction and fantasy novels.

Anthrocon chairman Samuel Conway is also spoken with, who describes the convention's origins as Albany Anthrocon in 1997 before it moved to Pittsburgh.

The small protest by "anti-furries" 7chan is mentioned, and the article describes some of the convention's activities, including fursuiting, workshops, the Artists' Alley, and appearances by guests of honour Carolyn Kelly and Mark Evanier.

The article ends with an interview of Chicago furry Stephanie Hughes, an administrator of an online furry forum who is in the process of building a fursuit of her kitten fursona.


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