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Anthrocon 2010 conbook cover. Artwork by James Gurney.

Anthrocon 2010 was the 14th annual Anthrocon furry convention. It was held on the weekend of June 24th to 27th, 2010[1], at the Westin Hotel and David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The theme was "Modern Stone-Age Furries".The charity was Fayette Friends Of Animals, a no-kill dog & cat rescue shelter.

Unlike years past, hotel reservations were not available until February 2010.[3] This was made at the request of many furries based on feedback from years prior. Despite a record load on Anthrocon's webserver at the opening of hotel reservations, it held up under the load.[4] After the initial rush, a breakdown of when various nights sold out was posted.[5]

The Guests Of Honor were James Gurney, author of the Dinotopia book series and Jim Martin,[6] puppeteer/director on Sesame Street.


Anthrocon, Inc. started the year with $111849 in assets, including $63368 in cash (and temporary cash investments). They ended the year with $109429 in assets, including $55366 in cash. Liabilities were zero, making their gain/loss for the year $-2420 ($-8002 in cash), and their net balance $109429.

Their total revenue was $373926, of which $197910 was from memberships, $32595 was from donations, $700 was from advertising and $7507 was from merchandise, after accounting for the cost of goods sold.

Their expenses came to $376346, of which $55618 was for occupancy, $36584 for equipment rental and maintenance, $26421 for catering, $34032 for labor and $23482 for printing.

Source: Anthrocon, Inc. Form 990 (description from Foundation Center)
Note: These financials provide just a brief overview, and should be considered in context. Each convention has its own situation, which may change from year to year. Special events (like art shows) that are part of a charity's mission are usually run at a loss. Conventions typically have many other expenses which may come to far more than those listed. Check the source for further details.

Anthrocon counted $125,304 of revenue and $125,966 of expenses related to the art show and artists alley for 2010, which had previously been accounted for separately. The revenue and expenses without these items were $248,622 and $250,380.


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