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Anthro New England 2020 is a furry convention that took place at the Boston Park Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts, USA over February 20-23, 2020.[1] At closing ceremonies it was announced that attendance for 2020 was 2,570. The convention raised $25,700, which was split between the charities NEADS World Class Service Dogs and Massachusetts ALS Society. It was also announced that the 2021 version of the convention will take place at the same hotel on February 25-28 of 2021, with a theme of "Back to the 1990s". [2] The 2021 convention was later cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic, but there will be virtual events online.


ANE's support of its historic charity Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog became controversial in September 2019 after allegations of police brutality relating to protesters of a straight pride parade in Boston brought their indirect support of the police into question.[3][4] The convention decided to drop Vest-a-Dog for 2020, to be replaced with another animal-related charity yet to be determined.[5]. According to the convention, their previous plans were to support the ALS Association in combination with Vest-a-Dog for 2020 and to consider another animal charity for 2021, although this had not been announced on the charity page at the time (which solely covered Vest-a-Dog).[6]

On October 10, 2019, ANE announced that the charity they had selected to accompany the ALS Association at the 2020 convention would be NEADS World Class Service Dogs.[7]


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