Anthro Festival

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Anthro Festival
Anthro Festival 2024 banner.png
Banner for the 2024 event
Location Steam and VRChat
Status Ongoing
First iteration June 6-10, 2024
Organizer(s) Klace (Chairman/Host)
Subject Furry, anthro, video games

Anthro Festival is an annual online third-party event on the Steam platform produced by Klace. The event is considered to be "a celebration of achievements in anthropomorphic arts."


Its first iteration began on June 6-10, 2024. The event was teased one month earlier on May 6 by chairman Klace, by means of only giving its launch date of June 6[1] which was then followed by a proper reveal the day of said event.[2]


Year Dates of the Event Unique Account Visits Notes
2024 June 6-10 46,884[3] First ever Steam event focused on furries.
2025 TBA TBA



The first Anthro Festival event took place from June 6th to 10th of 2024. The event had three sponsorships: a live interview with the creative director of Whisker Squadron: Survivor, an alpha playtest from Wild Assault for the entire weekend, and Super Animal Royale gave away a legendary item pack via codeword.[4]

99 games were featured, with 46 playable on Steam Deck and 28 had a free demo.[5] Most notable titles were Winds of Change, Komorebi, Anomaly Collapse, Brok the InvestiGATOR, Nekojishi, The Hayseed Knight, Goodbye Volcano High, and Friends vs. Friends. Most notable franchises were Freedom Planet and Fuga: Melodies of Steel. Games such as Laika: Aged Through Blood and Born of Bread are playable on Steam Deck.

Steam showed off the event banner and imagery to over 1.3M unique accounts on the platform.[6]


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