Anthro Fable: The Fox and the Raccoon

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Axel Fox has dire plans for Erk the Raccoon.

Anthro Fable: The Fox and the Raccoon is a short animated story by Kyle Evans. Made in 2006 as the final project in an animation course he undertook at Deakin University (Australia), the fable is a dark version of Aesop's The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs. The animation uses cutout figures and is narrated (with a modulated voice) by Evans himself. He estimates the project took him over forty hours to complete.


One day whilst taking out a sack of garbage, Axel finds the bin inhabited by a "near-stripeless raccoon", who proceeds to unexpectedly retch and vomit up a nugget of gold.

Inspiration and references[edit]

From Kyle Evans' comments on his upload at YouTube :

The visual style has a few references to artists I admire, so I'll list them now. The purple sky is inspired by Jhonen Vasquez's red sky in 'Invader Zim.' The gangster cat was inspired by Tracy Butler's comic 'Lackadaisy.' The clouds in the sky are inspired by Tim Burton's use of sharp edged swirls and Monkey Island's clouds. The story style is also very Roald Dahl.

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