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Anthro East Coast is a two-day annual furry convention held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was formerly referred to as the 'OMGWTFBBQ'.


Anthro East Coast hosts furries from Nova Scotia and neighboring Atlantic Provinces. It is a two-day event with the first day being held indoors, and the second at an outdoor venue.


Anthro East Coast had 128 attendees for the first day of the con (the indoor portion), and 150+ for the BBQ on the second day.
The theme was 'Backyard BBQ'. There were fursuit games, a dealers den and more.


Anthro East Coast 2019's theme is 'The Wild Wild West'.
The special guests will be furry artists Moth_sprout and Gremm_lin.
The charity of choice is The ALS Society of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

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