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The current logo design of AnthroXtacy.
AnthroXtacy, also sometimes referred to as "AX", is a furry night club and escort service within Second Life.

AnthroXtacy hosts a cast of entirely 'anthro' or 'furry' crew members, though it caters to guests of any origin or group. It is often noted for its open policy on interaction with 'playmates'.

Contrary to popular belief, yiff and yiff RP are not permitted in the club. But, like most clubs on SL cattering for the adult population, private rooms have been made available.

The original founders have always been Tinintri Mistral, Fargo Divine, Meltharas Matsukaze, and Maxine Zeno(now known as MaxCoyote). It is currently over-seen and owned by Tinintri, in partnership with Jorona Omegamu and SecreT, usually operated on a day to day basis by the top level managers, including but not limited to Tayla Saunders, and Helios Kozlov.

As of October 2013, AnthroXtacy in Second Life has been shut down.

The Second Life Club[edit]

Anthra, one of two of AnthroXtacy's current sims.
The original club was started in the sim of Bradmoore within Second Life in early 2005, following traditional club rules such as no touching the dancers and yiff in private. As it slowly found itself buying up the surrounding land for more prims and space, the club management invested in a sim island of its own, being call AnthroXtacy Island. Once money issues ensued, the sim was sold to become the second NorthStar sim and the club was closed indefinitely.

As of September 9th, 2007, the club officially re-opened in the Second Life sim of Xuxorr, retaining the majority of its original crew. On October 14th, 2007, the club moved to the private sim of Wisconsin owned by Grey Blankes.

As of early September 2008, AnthroXtacy officially became its own estate once more and now permanently resides on the same sim Wisconsin once was, only now named Anthra.

On February 14th 2009, AnthroXtacy acquired its second sim in nearly the same fashion as it acquired its first. The sim Ragnarok was purchased from Grey Blankes and renamed Elliquiy, to be used exclusively for the already-existing AX mall and reduce lag in the club on the main sim of Anthra.

Edit: Anthra was sold due to being a constant source of lag. The avatar store, Club, and a newly opened Fantasy roleplay enviorment, all exist on Elliquiy.

Management and Staff[edit]

Mythology Doesburg is generally the head and final word on employee and staff issues, as well as on aesthetics and security. Below them are several other managers.

The club currently boasts in excess of 30 staff members, typically DJs, Playmates (Dancers), Escorts and a small core of managers. Playmates are generally given free reign on what they choose to perform as services, though are expected on a liberal attendance policy. Each escort and playmate decides upon their own fees and come from a variety of species backgrounds. The current Head DJ for the club is Ty Furischer and below him is his Senior DJ Keesar Cushing.

The Head Playmate Surianna McDunnough is along with her Senior staff Belladonna Mureaux and Kaeru.

The Avatar Line[edit]

Aside from running a sim with a mall and club, AnthroXtacy has also started producing a line of anthro avatars. The main creators of the line are Tinintri Mistral and Brisby Eberlain. Willowbay Destiny was added to the roster as an avatar creator in June of 2008.

AnthroXtacy Avatars include the following products: Wolf, Dragon, Rodent, Bat, Hyena, Tiger, Lion, Cat, bunny, fox, Fennec Fox, Raccoon, Horse, Donkey, Zebra, and skunks.

Tinintri also made a line of Snow Leopard, Demon Cats, Ice and Fire Wolves. However, those avatars were limited editions and are no longer sold.

Upcoming avatar projects include Feral phoenix, v4 Wolf, v2 bunnies.

Anthra, the main of the two AnthroXtacy home sims.
Main article: AnthroXtacy
  • AnthroXtacy is currently situated on two sims, Anthra and Elliquiy, and is home to the AnthroXtacy night club, mall, sandbox, beach front and other various builds belonging to AnthroXtacy and renters. It is an adult theme set of sims that currently employs over 50 djs, dancers, and other kinds of staff. At the present time, the sims and business entity is owned solely by Tinintri Mistral and run by several other members including Jorona Omegamu, Helios Kozlov, Chazore Ayres, Ty Furischer and Tayla Saunders.
  • It is also home to the AnthroXtacy brand of avatars; a collection of creators who build under the name and are also affiliated with Leben Schnabel's Instinct avatars. Tinintri Mistral, Willowbay Destiny and Anissa Sorbet are the current creators working under the AX brand name of avatars.

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