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It's Blue Rabbit!

Another Day is a flash series created by the Super Flash Bros. in the UK.

The series started as an experiment with a WACOM graphics tablet. The popular video game section in Another Day Two spawned the flash game Nightmare which brought the series extra attention.

The series tells the adventures of Blue Rabbit and his friends. Each episode contains emotional music that fits the mood of Blue Rabbit and friends' adventures.

Episode guide[edit]

  • Another Day: Blue Rabbit catches a fish, cooks it and eats it. (Music: Breathe by Telepopmusik)
  • Another Day Two: Blue Rabbit visits his friend Red Rabbit. (Music: Emergency 72 by Turin Brakes)
  • Another Day Three: Blue Rabbit gets upset when a friend is hurt. (Music: One Of These Mornings by Moby)
  • Another Day Four: Blue Rabbit goes on holiday but, something is wrong. (Music: Indefinitely by Travis)
  • Another Day Five: The four friends go camping. (Music: Unintended by Muse)
  • Another Day Six: Blue Rabbit and friends go to the fair. (Music: Hello by Evanescence)
  • Another Xmas: Blue Rabbit and friends enjoy festive fun. (Music: Mad World by Gary Jules)
  • Another Day Seven: Blue Rabbit experiences a dream sequence (Music by The Release)

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