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Anoki Gryphon has been a furry artist in the furry fandom since 1998, but has only been active in the since 2004. Formerly a wolf character named Max Nighthowl, but has since retired him. Anoki's fursona is a black gryphon and the name Anoki is a Native American name, which can be defined as "Actor".

Born in February 1983, Anoki has always had a passion for art (starting with drawing on the walls.) Sometime around 1995, Anoki decided to pursue a career in character animation for games and/or motion pictures.

Anoki currently resides in the city of San Francisco and is working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Academy of Art University emphasis on Character Animation. He graduates December of 2009 after 5 years of undergraduate.


Anoki is usually[when?] seen at Further Confusion.

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