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A clip from Pinkuh's webcomic Lost the Lead featuring herself and Tani Person.

Pinkuh (aka Anna Hollingsworth, in RL Kelli Davis nee Washburn) is a furry artist from Apex, North Carolina. Her fursona is a pink fox with purple hair, forearms and feet, and with white chest and tail-tip fur. She is married to Aros, and had the ceremony performed at Mephit FurMeet 2005, a furry convention. She had been a staff member at Fur Affinity since 2006, serving as a mainsite admin until the beginning of 2011, and an IRC op until March of 2012. She creates furry art, and anime art, both in adult and non adult forms. She is also the artist behind the webcomic Lost the Lead.

She currently is a professional [citation needed] artist working for a Game studio [citation needed] in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Obsession with Halo[edit]

Anyone familiar with her artwork or her LiveJournal knows that Pinkuh draws a lot of Halo fan-art (the majority of what little recent artwork is posted in her known galleries has a Halo theme), and talks quite a lot about wanting to work for Bungie (or a similar entity).

Conflicts with MDY[edit]

Pinkuh has a long history with yaoi artist MDY, an administrator at y!Gallery. Their relationship began as friends on LiveJournal, sharing memberships in multiple yaoi groups. However, MDY's open opposition to anthropomorphic art began to insult Pinkuh, and so Pinkuh started her rivalry with MDY with subtle reminders that one of her friends was one of those artists. MDY allegedly would insist that she was exaggerating, and was not referring to Pinkuh specifically, but she still continued with increasingly harsh rants against anthros and the fur fandom. [citation needed]

As the infamous y!Gallery ban on anthro art took its course, tensions started to rise as MDY became frustrated with the resulting overload of drama. Pinkuh and MDY were reintroduced, which led to a long debate involving many edits and deletions by MDY and eventually a ban. Pinkuh and MDY continue their rivalry, which is only heightened by the fact that Pinkuh was at the time a staff member of Fur Affinity, the gallery similar to Y! that most of the furry artists moved to after the ban.

Fur Affinity Controversy[edit]

Pinkuh is alledged as being the Fur Affinity admin responsible for the continued allowance of cub art and bestiality art on Fur Affinity.[citation needed] What follows is a section of an IRC Transcript.

   <~Dragoneer> So, yeah... I think we have no choice but to say "Cub shit... banned".
   <@Pinkuh> I will not support a rule that limits the users right to expression... this is What Y-gallery did and I am violently oppesed to it
   <@Pinkuh> This ruling will just lead to further limits on expression
   <@Pinkuh> Like I told cerise earlyer... I don't draw it, I don't like it, and I tend to not view it unless I have to, however I am NOT going to limit our users freedom of expression
   <@Pinkuh> We arn't Bush
   <~Dragoneer> We have enough proof via legal documentation to proof that it is A) not pedo and B) not illegal.
   <@Pinkuh> Half of the users won't hate us... They will forget this BS happened in about 6 weeks and go about their daily porn

In addition, Pinkuh was accused multiple times of violating her administrator position by banning other users for completely personal reason,[citation needed] even leading to an unsuccessful petition demanding her removal from the admin position.[citation needed]

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