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Anklebones (also known as Hyenabones; real name Jessica; born June 14th, 1991) is an artist and amateur jewellery maker from Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States, who considers herself not furry, but an anthro artist.

Anklebones has been drawing since she could hold a crayon, and got online around 1999 when she was introduced to Neopets by her older brother, who is furry.

Her fursona has changed numerous times[1] and in the past has been a black wolf, gargoyle, wingless bat, hyena and opossum. Currently she has settled on two to represent her and frequently changes them to better suit herself.

Art history[edit]

Anklebones's art first appeared on Neopets when she was known as 'Twitch'. Her main interests at the time were feral animals and anime, and she took a liking to wolves. Her first anthros were nekogirls before she moved on to anthropomorphic animals.

Anklebones' alias has changed numerous times on the Neopets site, and has been Twitch, Razz, and Shackle. After a large number of freezings (Neopet's word for 'banned'), she claimed that the site was unfair and, as of 2007, has quit Neopets after the layout changed. Since 2007 she is usually found on deviantART.

Anklebones draws a wide range of different creatures with different media and styles. Occasionally, she will make earrings and jewellery out of the bones, feet and other parts of deceased animals, and sell them.


  • Maggot

One of Anklebones' main fursonas is Maggot the spotted hyena. Maggot's original name was Shackle (when she used to go by that alias) and had gray fur and a frequently-color-changing mane. Maggot's personality and interests are based on her creator's, most notably her love for taxidermy and deceased things.

  • Iago

A Virginia opossum whose name was inspired by Shakespeare's play Othello, Iago is deciphered as a lazier, irritable, trashier, unpleasant and undesirable side of her creator. As a joke, Anklebones and a friend of hers created children for Iago, such as Barren Tremor (an opossum/rat hybrid whose father is an anthro version of Darwin Tremor from Smokin' Aces) and Kyle. Iago is sometimes also drawn as a male.


Currently, Anklebones is still enrolled in high school, and plans for her future include psychology, taxidermy, tattooing and possibly animation.


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