Bleu's Forest

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Bleu's Forest
Author(s) Skyfire
Update schedule Weekly
Launch date February 8, 2006
End Date inactive
Genre Humor, Fantasy, Adventure
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Bleu's Forest is a slice-of-life webcomic created by Skyfire updated weekly on Thursdays. Starting life under the title "Animal Pens", it was officially changed to Bleu's Forest as of January 2009.

As of early Feb. 2009, the webcomic went inactive due to professional and personal reasons as cited by the creator.

Bleu's Forest tells the story of a trio of foxes living in the Cedar Grove Forest, a large albeit fictitious forest located somewhere in North America. The forest is home to many anthropomorphic animals and while having modern conveniences like computers, vehicles, television, stores, etc, it also is home to many mythical creatures and magical objects.


  • Bleu Fox, star of the comic. Bleu Fox is a young energetic fox who lives with his childhood friends, Warren

and Lori Fox, as a houseguest. He makes his living as an artist, but when he's not painting, he likes going out into the forest to explore. Bleu will frequently rush ahead without thinking first.

  • Warren and Lori, Bleu's childhood friends. They are now husband and wife, are slightly older than Bleu, and tend to act as voices of reason.
  • Chaos, the cartoon's antagonist. He is a mole who is also a powerful warlock. He is often at odds with the foxes and friends. This rivalry is caused by his quests to gather magical artificats and spell ingredients. When Chaos first appeared, he was a sentient tree but consumed a potion to change his form into a mole.
  • Seymour, Bleu's best friend, a skunk, and an apprentice wizard to Chaos. Being an apprentice to Chaos and a friend to Bleu will sometimes divide his loyalties. He is smarter but is rather introverted compared to Bleu. He also has confidence problems and since Seymour is still an apprentice, his magic doesn't always work.
  • Dana, a female skunk and Seymour's girlfriend. She loves Seymour a lot but wishes he would stand up for himself more.
  • Gordon, a snake who is a friend to the foxes. He also acts as a voice of reason to Bleu and is always there to listen when there's a problem.