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Animal Jam is an educational game and Virtual Word created by WildWorks in collaboration with the National Geographic Society and launched on September 9, 2010. It is one of the fastest growing online children's properties in the world, with over 160 million registered players.[1]


Animal Jam takes place in a fictional area known as Jamaa, with various different biomes and customizable animals. New players create an animal with a name composed of three simple words. From that point, players can customize and move around with it in the gameplay environment. The original six virtual animals that could be created were the panda, rabbit, tiger, wolf, koala, and monkey. Many more animals are added following the six, giving players a possibility of seeing one of their favorite animals in-game.

Players can customize their own dens with furniture, artwork made by themselves or other jammers, and decorations, chat with other players, adopt pets, play mini-games, trade and buy in-game items, such as clothing and furniture, with gems and diamonds as the game's currency, attend parties, and go on various RPG-style adventures. There is a membership feature available that costs real money; only members get access to exclusive dens, pets, animals, and, formerly, adventures, among other things.[2]


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