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Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment from Finland with the first game released in 2009.


In the original game, there are wingless semi-anthropomorphic birds that the player uses a slingshot to launch them at quasi-anthropomorphic pigs that are on or in different structures. The player has to destroy all the pigs on the map to unlock another level. A spin-off game, in which you play as the pigs, was also released called Bad Piggies on September 27, 2012.[1]


There are several kinds of wingless birds and green pigs in Angry Birds: There are pigs with and without helmets, small and big pigs, pigs with and without mustaches, and the pig's king. They are all green.

Rovio Mobile has supported their games with many free updates that add more features and levels. There are seven themed groups of levels. Every group has a simple story, the pigs stole the birds' eggs so they try to get them back.The birds eventually get the eggs back in every part.



The pigs
  • Red Bird - Does nothing but does make various battle cries when tapped and does great at popping pigs.
  • The Blues - Splits into three smaller birds. Works best against glass.
  • Chuck - Picks up speed and distance when tapped. Best against wood.
  • Bomb - Explodes when tapped or shortly upon impact. Best against stone.
  • Matilda - Drops an egg bomb that explodes on impact when tapped and does great on wood and stone.
  • Hal - Comes back like a boomerang when tapped and does great on wood and glass.
  • Terence - No special abilities when tapped, but destroys materials with ease.
  • Bubbles - Inflates to huge size like a balloon when tapped or upon impact, then deflates a little later. Best against wood.
  • Stella - (Appearing in Angry Birds Seasons in the Back to School Update.) - When tapped makes a bubble around her, and lifts up objects like blocks and pigs. The bubbles last for about 3 seconds.
  • Silver - Introduced in Angry Birds 2, she does a 360 degree loop in the air before diving to the ground.
  • Melody - Released in Angry Birds 2 in November 2022, she inhales nearby objects and launches them away.
  • Mighty Eagle - You first launch sardines and when it hits the ground, the Mighty Eagle will come down, destroy everything in his path hit the ground and cause an earthquake, popping all pigs he missed, then come back up, while also destroying everything in his path; kind of like a V but wider. He must be purchased in-game for 99 cents to use him. He has unlimited use, except for Angry Birds Friends.

Pigs (strongest to weakest)[edit]

  • King Pig (strong)
  • Moustache pigs (weak)
  • Helmet pig (medium)
  • Large pig (weak)
  • Medium pig (weak)
  • Small pig (weak)


From December 2009 to November 2011 people downloaded more than 500 million copies of this game. It is the number one game in 79 countries. People played 266 billion levels and shot 400 billion birds. They played 200,000 years of Angry Birds in total and 300 million minutes daily.[2]


Rovio has been expanding the Angry Birds brand into including merchandise, television shows, and feature movies, and to that end, Rovio Mobile initially envisioned a feature film in the stop-motion animation style of Aardman Animations, and to that end, Rovio purchased a Helsinki-based animation studio to prepare Angry Birds short cartoons on the Nicktoons station's Nickelodeon Extra, the first of which was a Christmas special named Wreck the Halls that debuted in December 2011.

Television adaptations[edit]

Angry Birds Toons, a TV series based on the game, made its debut on March 16, 2013. Angry Birds Toons is released through third-party video distribution platforms, including Comcast's Xfinity On-Demand in the US, Samsung Smart TVs, and Roku set-top boxes. It is also available in a number of countries on traditional television broadcasts. Angry Birds Toons is available on mobile devices by an additional Angry Birds Toons channel on all of the Angry Birds apps homescreens. The DVD version for the TV series was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The series has a total of 3 seasons. There were also other television series, such as Piggy Tales.

Film adaptations[edit]

A 3D computer-animated film adaptation, The Angry Birds Movie, was released on May 20, 2016, which fully anthropomorphizes the characters for the first time in franchise history, giving them limbs and voices. Developed, produced, and financed by Rovio Entertainment, it is animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks and distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Entertainment under their Columbia Pictures banner.

A sequel, The Angry Birds Movie 2 was released on August 13, 2019, which was co-produced by both Rovio Animation and Sony Pictures Animation. The sequel breaks from the series' source material by having the Birds and Pigs ending their rivalry to form an alliance to battle a larger threat, as well as becoming one of the most well critically received video game film adaptations ever made, garnering an unprecedented score of 73% from Rotten Tomatoes.


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