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Anglofurs logo.png was a smaller, comfortable furry community forum aimed at furs and alternative lifestylers in the UK and Ireland. It ran from 2007 to 2019.

  • Address:
  • Creator: Tigerwolf
  • Staff: Tigerwolf (Now known as Tiggy), LimmyPaw (Now known as katiesplat), Puddy Tat, Psy Chuan
  • Ran from/to: 13 Oct, 2007 - 2019

In the end, after many spam / sock puppet accounts were deleted, the total number of users was at 348.

Rules and services[edit]

Acording to the rules page, topics of toxicity that prompted flamewars were considered strictly off-limits. Anglofur's set-up included mods that allow users to display their gender and sexuality, as well as an instant chat area.

The layout included a number of unique icons made by the owner, including some that were animated, as well as animated banners that only appeared at certain times of year, such as Christmas and Halloween. Anglofur also had an optional 'seasons' theme that features animated snow in winter and falling leaves in autumn as well as a joke theme with falling ponies and apples that was created at the request of users.

Threads on Anglofur[edit]

The Winding Path

The first board on Anglo. A place for introductions and goodbyes, as well as questions and inquiries.

The Forest

The main go-to thread, kept alight with general conversation on furry lifestyle, music, books, films, cars, TV and other relaxed topics.

Swordtail Unlimited RPG

Swordtail Unlimited was Anglofur's own tabletop RPG.

The Box of Tissues on the Log

The thread for 'weeps and woes'. There was a separate thread for LGBT issues.

Fayre of Delights

A thread for showing off your SFW artwork.

Old Laboratory

A thread for tech enthusiasts and hobbyists. Setting tails on fire was a big theme in this thread.

Dream Orb

A thread for SFW roleplay.


One single outing to London zoo was held at around spring 2009. About 11 members attended.

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