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Angharan (born February 10)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Newnan, Georgia, U.S.A.[1] His fursona is a wolf.


Angharan has had an interest in anthropomorphic animals for as long as he can remember.[1] He watched cartoons with anthro characters as a child, and never stopped.

Angharan had a few furry friends early on, but never realized there was a widespread furry fandom until, hunting for a new furry desktop image, he chanced upon an advertisement for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007. On a whim, Angharan went, and found it very strange but interesting. This was his first experience with fursuits outside of a few he had seen at anime conventions, and he was impressed with the quality and number of suiters.

The next year, Angharan went to Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008, and got the fursuit bug. His own fursuit character is a brown and tan wolf named Duncan.


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