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Angelic is a science-fiction comic book series written by Simon Spurrier with art by Caspar Wijngaard (with letters by Jim Campbell and graphic design by Emma Price), and published by Image Comics.

The comic is about Earth in the future where human have disappeared and Earth belongs to modified talking animals. Probably an example of Uplift.

The website of the publisher (Image Comics) claims the animals are "genetically modified", but the leader of the monks (Alfer) says old-fashioned mating ("Babies made in secret and sin. Without the alter.") result in regular animals ("Wingless. Voiceless. Thumbless. Unblessed by the Maker's marks."),[1] so if any genetic modifications were made, they don't seem to be passed down to offspring.


Most of the animals seen so far (in issues #1-6) can speak.


The monks are talking winged monkeys (all monk wings seem to be white in color). They are the main species of the story.

When a monk male and female are to have a baby they can enter the alter-peace (a small structure the size of a small cabin) together and when they re-emerge soon after (couple of minutes?) the female is pregnant and her wings have been removed by the technology in the alter (#1, page 12)

Named monks:

  • Qora, the main character of the series. A young girl (girlmonk). Mostly pink fur, with a blue face and a white triangle marking on her forehead.
  • Alfer, the monk leader. An older monk, with a light-blue face and hands, unclear what the colors of the rest of his body are because he is mostly covered in clothing and armor.

Monk words:

  • fishbutts: used to refer to the dolts (dolphins).[2]
  • girlmonk: a female monk
  • Scrap Pack: a team of monks, possibly their warriors.


Modified gibbons who help the monks. They don't seem to be able to talk, but instead communicate with traditional gibbon sounds like "hoop!". They have some sort of attack that comes out of their months (audio and/or energy attack).


Talking dolphins that seem to be encased in technological suits enable them to fly by creating some sort of propulsion.


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