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Angel Macleod (born August 4, 1970, in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.) is an artist and fursuiter. Her fursona is an angelic vixen.


Angel led a fairly normal life, and in adolescence discovered she liked to play dress-up and pretend. In 1999 at Gen Con, she discovered the role playing game Ironclaw. She started trying to figure out how to make a costume of Mavra, a character on the game's cover. Mavra was a red-headed vixen who was a spell caster and warrior, and, for some reason, Angel identified with her and wanted to make a costume of her. Up until this point she did not know about the furry fandom, but had seen mascots at sporting events and on television shows.

After much drawing of designs, the process just seemed too overwhelming, so Angel started to do research on the internet, to see what she could find on costume-making. It was there that she first discovered the local furry community of Kansas City. She joined their Yahoo group and began asking around for would-be fursuit makers who could help her on her quest for a costume.

It was not until Angel met Macleod the Wolf, from Florida, that she really got into the furry community. Macleod introduced her to several other fursuit performers, and it was through these contacts that she met fursuit-maker Fallimar, from Perth, Western Australia. Angel commissioned a costume from Fallimar, which she received just over a year later. The character took on a life of her own and is an extension of Angel's personality.

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