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Andy Fox as seen at Anthrocon 2004 - by Murray Mouse

Andy Fox is a cartoon enthusiast, fanfiction writer, fursuiter and furry artist. His main interest is cartoons, especially Warner Brothers classic Looney Tunes and Tiny Toon Adventures. His own fursona is a toony red fox.

Andy also has an interest in carousel animals, and this is reflected in his furry artwork, much of which depicts one animal riding another.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Andy has been making fursuit appearances at furry conventions since 2003 in his self-made fox fursuit. He also occasionally adds a saddle and bridle outfit to his costume for pictures and rides. In 2009, tired of his nickname of "Planet Foxhead" (due to his somewhat oversized toony head) and to save on costume shipping costs, new paws, feet and a new head were commissioned from White Wolf Creations. The new Andy Fox debuted at Midwest FurFest 2009. New head is also carved foam.

Andy has written several fan fiction stories for the Tiny Toons Fan Fiction Mailing List (archive mailers available here). Andy's works can be found on his personal web site and on

In 2007 Andy joined Fur Affinity and began drawing cartoon-style art for the community.

Back in the late 1990's Andy set up a residence for himself on FurToonia under the username AndyFox but is rarely active there these days. He no longer frequents FurryMUCK and his account there has since been purged.


Andy Fox (the character) lives in Los Angeles where he works as a scientist and talent agent / legal consultant to the toon stars of Hollywood. He is married to Slappy Squirrel, is blood brothers with Wile E. Coyote, and is considered one of the family by the Looney Tunes characters. However, Andy isn't 100% toon. He came from places beyond and possesses extremely powerful psychic powers and gives even Wile E. a run for his money in the super genius department. That-is, when he isn't busy blowing things up in the science lab!

Other fursuits[edit]

Andy Fox at Anthrocon 2004

Andy also owns a raccoon fursuit named Filbert that he purchased from Realms of Enchantment in 2004. This fursuit has yet to make an appearance at a furry con.

In spring 2011 Andy gained possession of Kipper Otter's Dean fursuit.

Andy's newest fursuit is Accident, the roadrunner. Energetic and sometimes just a bit strange, Accident has a peculiar dislike for coyotes and foxes and enjoys harassing them.

Both Dean and Accident have appeared, though sparingly, at various furry cons and events.

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