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an androgynous vulpine character
Chakats are hermaphroditic, a type of androgyny

An androgynous individual displays an ambiguous sexual identity; this can mean possessing both male and female characteristics, as in hermaphroditism, or lacking a sex entirely. Androgyny can also be a gender identity in a character with normal reproductive organs but displaying both male and female gender archetypes.

An androgynous person can be called an androgyne.

Androgynes in Furry[edit]

Androgynes are a gender in the space-themed MUCK Furscape. They are described as a recom variant in which the sexual organs have been left out, and the recom itself having no sex drive. This gives the recom more energy to use on other tasks, and a more effective immune system, while also allowing them to be equally friendly with people of any sex.

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