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Andrew Powell, or just Andy Powell, also known as fnook, Fnook the Bunny, and OldSchoolAnim8r (born March 27), is an artist, animation professional, filmmaker, and gamer who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1].

Fandom involvement[edit]

A one-time animator for Darrell Benvenuto's Vision Entertainment Group, he parted ways with the fandom around 2000/2001, but after returning, he now likes to keep a low profile.

Powell likes to create commercial funny animal 3D avatars for VR, Vtubers, and more.


Powell's character is a male Flemish Giant rabbit sporting a bandana.


Powell's fursuit is a representation of his rabbit character, and was made by Fun for All Fursuits.


Powell is a 27+ year, multi-award-winning, veteran of the animation industry, specializing in bleeding-edge cinematics for games, film, and television.

Powell was/is a senior/lead animator, character designer, storyboard artist, concept artist, idea person, series developer, technical director, and animation director, currently being a senior animator and special F/X director at Nelvana Animation.


His art tools consist of traditional media (2B pencils et al, like the Sanford Design Ebony Sketching Pencil), Toon Boom Animation's Harmony, Adobe Photoshop, and Procreate.


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