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Andrew Pidcock (also known as Loopy Wolf) is a furry artist and fursuiter who loves werewolves and gargoyles, and writes fiction for fanzines such as Fang Claw & Steel. He holds a MSc in computer science, and currently resides in Montreal, Québec, where he is the founder and administrator of the local furry community, MonFur.

Loopy is a traditional artist, working entirely in acrylic paints. He also has a number of webcomics as well, such as Were I Wolf and Macro and Vore. The latter has gotten a small cult-following, especially amongst furs who have been in the fandom a while, for the satirical humour of the strip about the furry fandom and furries in general. His art is featured on a number of art sites, such as DeviantArt, FurAffinity, VCL and Yerf.

Loopy is also known for his fursuits, primarily Loopy (a werewolf/husky mixed breed, the source of his fan name,) Korul al-Wassar (a gargoyle with fully-articulated wings,) and Heraldry the Gryphon (also with fully-articulated wings), plus the 24-foot long fire-breathing dragon, Mighty Wing Lung Puff which won his him world-masters costuming title.

He is skilled in jewelry making, sculpting and game design. He works on commission, making custom plushies and costumes for people. He is often teaching at cons, art, costumes or games.

Loopy is the sole author of the Furst Force Mod for the game Freedom Force.

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